How To Reset An Acer To Factory Settings.

Recently I began a journey I had not planned on making. In fact if I had had a choice I would have not began the journey at all. The fact that everything seems to have turned out better then okay doesn’t make the anger, fear, and frustration any less traumatic. 

My unexpected journey began about a month ago when I called Avast to have them fix a problem with the anti virus protection plan I had purchased from them. Instead of helping me this disreputable company shot a virus into my computer freezing it making it unusable. For a fee they will remove the virus, I refuse to pay that fee. Instead I went ahead and bought a new computer. I liked my Acer and at the local Target there was an Acer for under 300.00. I never say you get what you pay for because I like a good bargain. Well you get what you pay for. In less then 30 days the touch pad on the new Acer crashes. Acer techs can’t fix it over the phone and want me to mail it back to them. That is almost a month long project between shipping and repairing. I had very little content on that computer and had the night before it crashed moved the photos I wanted to another site. I decide since I am can return the computer to the store that I will do that instead. 

Off to target I go and return and replace the latest Acer. I go home and start the set up. Things go wrong right from the start. I get on the phone with Acer and things get worse. That phone call by the way convinced me I would never be an Acer consumer again. To be told that I need to listen clearer when I ask for the speaker to speak slower because I couldn’t understand them, and then to be yelled at because she has helped 100’s of people that day and she is tired. As you may have guessed the phone call was not successful and the problem not resolved. I am told to call Micro soft at this point. That phone call while not as rude was no more helpful. I give up for the day and figure tomorrow  is a brand new day. It wasn’t not really.

The next day I work up my courage and call Acer back again. This time I get a nice person on the phone happy to help. He really didn’t help either but at least he tried. He taught me a thing or two about the Acer as well. Only now it is useless information for me because I no longer have an Acer. If you do have an Acer and would like to clean it up so well that you take it back to the factory default you can do it yourself very easily. Believe I know I had to reset the last Acer 5 times in one day. The resets did me no good because at the end of day 2 never having been able to get it set up the computer crashed. I returned it to Target and went a gut wrenching week without a computer. It was well worth the wait and the gut wrenching, but just the same I am so happy to be at the end of that particular journey.

How To Reset Your Computer Back To The Factory Settings.

Step 1 Back up anything you don’t want to lose.

Step 2 plug the computer in and shut it off

Step 3 find your alt and F10 keys on the key board

Step 4 turn the computer on while holding the alt key down and tapping the F10 key.

Step 5 Once the computer brings you to a page with cleaning options stop tapping and select restore.

Step 6 follow the instructions and click the options that suit your needs.

This will take 3 to 5 hours and when it is finished the computer will restart itself and will be completely clean just as if you had brought it home from the store. Then all you need to do is set it up again just the way you want it.


One thought on “How To Reset An Acer To Factory Settings.

  1. It really is quite frustrating to see the computer is infected with a virus or the Hard disc is gone.

    I faced it many a times and keep two separate copies of all my photos in two different places 🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and the tips to reset the acer one.

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