Too Many Mushrooms Not Enough…

Recipes! I saw a photo of a recipe that one of the faceless frenzy people had done and it looked good. At the end of March I asked what was every ones favorite recipe of the month. I believe it was Pat that responded that this recipe was her favorite and as I said the photo made it look so good I clicked on it and saved it. For me it was the Roast Beef and Vegetables, that was for sure my favorite. I am so glad I asked about every ones favorites because I got a double bonus out of that question. I got a banging recipe for mushrooms and I also got to use some of the left over broth from the roast that I froze.
I saved the recipe and then headed out the door to buy mushrooms. I only needed 2 cups but the large package was on sale and well we like mushrooms so I thought nothing of it I grabbed the large package and headed back home. The recipe calls for 1 cup beef broth and 1/3 cup of red wine. I pulled out the frozen broth from the last roast in stead of broths I had frozen earlier from another roast because this broth already had wine in it. The other broth has dark beer. I really do like to get my meat drunk before I serve it. So anyway as the day goes on and I reread the recipe a few time I decide the recipe is the forgiving kind and things don’t have to be exact and the 2 cups of broth that was defrosting would work in place of the broth and wine measurements in the recipe. (I was right) I did taste the broth to make sure it would be rich and flavorful enough for this new recipe, oh my it was. I fried my chops halfway in my cast iron skillet and then transferred them into a baking dish and a 350 oven uncovered. Back to me skillet I needed no butter for the garlic and onion and oh did that smell so good cooking in the meat drippings my entire household let out a sigh as the scent waved through the house.( so much better then paint) from that point I followed the recipe as written. While it simmer I put together the rest of dinner, Polish Noodles and the Carrot and Leeks that I finally got a picture of . Dinner took 1 hour to cook a half hour to slice dice and chop and less then 15 to consume down to nothing and I do mean nothing. The chops by the way worked well that way next time I think I will try covering them and 300 or 325 oven. They were moist and full of flavor but I think they can be even more moist and tender. The recipe that I was trying and built this dinner around is now one of my favorite as well. A good thing too. When husband came home he handed me a bag of groceries to put away. Do I have to tell you what was in that bag? I barely put a dent in the package I bought and now I have 2 large packages of Mushrooms to find space and use for.

Here is the photo of the carrots and leeks at long last. I didn’t take a picture of the mushroom Bordelaise Sauce because it has 6 faces already and 2 of them are excellent.


Here are the links to the recipes I used for this amazing disappearing meal .


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